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Please read through the information carefully before submitting your consent form.

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty treatments available. Unlike traditional strip lashes, extensions are applied individually to each of your existing lashes. They enhance the look of your eye and create a fuller, longer lash line. We offer different styles to suite you; classic or volume, even hybrid which is a combination of both.  A full set of lash extensions takes around an hour an a half to two hours, which gives you a nice mid day nap. Weekly refills are shorter in time, usually around an hour. When applied properly, the extensions will last the length of your natural lash growth cycle, usually around 6 weeks. Depending on your preference and lifestyle, we normally recommend getting refills every 2 to 3 weeks. You can prepare for your lash appointment by cleansing your lashes with a mild cleanser the day of.  


You can put away your mascara because with lash extensions, you don't need it. It is not recommended to use mascara on top of extensions.


We offer a glue especially made for people with more sensitive eyes. The whole process is non invasive and perfectly safe for everyone. 


One of the best benefits of eyelash extensions is the time you will save when getting ready. You will look more bright eyed and awake with this treatment. 


Your lash extensions are completely customizable. From a cat eye look to a long, natural look, you can have it all. 

**All services are nonrefundable.**

**All lashes services require a nonrefundable $100 deposit excluding refills.**


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